On the shoulders of giants.

Bernard of Chartres

Nothing you see here would be possible without the sacrifice and perseverance of others before me. Their quenchless curiosity gave birth to my own. It would take an encyclopedia to list all the minds which contributed to the ability to make my random thoughts visible to the world with a few clicks, but since no one reads those anymore I'll simply provide a few links...

Great Minds

Ada Lovelace Alan Turing Dennis Ritchie Ken Thompson Bob Kahn Grace Hopper Vince Cerf Tim Berners Lee Barbara Liskov Linus Torvalds Richard Stallman

Educational Resources

The Web Developer Bootcamp The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp The Responsive Web Design Bootcamp The Complete Node.js Developer Course

The courses above taught me enough to carve out a basic existence on the web. I've developed a fondness of Udemy over the years as a trusted source for quality content that doesn't break the bank. There are a ton of great online training resources, but how do you know which ones are right for you before spending your hard earned cash? For that, be sure to visit Course Duck. It's a community-driven (vs ad-driven) site with real-world reviews of courses from other curious minds just like us. Continuous learning has never been so easy!