We are all apprentices...

Ernest Hemingway

I am a humble, collaborative, ambitious, and continuously learning DevOps engineer. I have been delivering large-scale distributed systems and mission-critical infrastructure services for over two decades. In that time I have developed a wide range of experience which includes being an individual contributor, technical lead, architect and hands-on manager.

I am passionate about DevOps culture and SRE principles as ways to rally people with diverse backgrounds around shared outcomes; increasing productivity while simultaneously improving quality of life through the tenacious pursuit of automation and elimination of toil.

I am familiar with multiple cloud infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, as well as multiple container orchestration frameworks including Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. I am well versed in Agile practices, Lean Product Development, and Infrastructure as Code.

I am pragmatic in both my work style and technology choices, seeing the world as a series of trade-offs that must be carefully considered and occasionally reevaluated. I have worked fully remote for over a decade, am an excellent communicator, and highly effective at asynchronous collaboration. I value flexibility, autonomy and deep focus enabling a state of flow. I love Linux, Vim, Git and opportunities to solve new puzzles in a variety of languages.